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Rosco E-Colour+ E276 Blackout Roll

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Introducing E276 Blackout

Filmmakers and photographers are always looking for new and exciting light modifiers to use in their lighting setups. That’s why we asked Photographer, Cinematographer, and Rosco Ambassador Richard William Preisner to help us introduce Rosco's newest lighting modifier – Rosco E276 Blackout.  



E276 Blackout is a part of Rosco’s e-colour+ range of lighting filters. As Will mentions in the video, e-colour+ uses the same three-digit name & number system that Lee and other gel companies have used over the years. The material itself is a 3 mil (76 micron) thick opaque polyester film that features a matte/frosted black finish and is available in 60”x20’ (152.4 cm x 6.1 m) rolls.

Blocking Out Windowlight


When shooting on location, sometimes the natural daylight coming through the windows can be a real blessing. Many times, however, that light source needs to be removed from the shot altogether. In the video, Will demonstrates how filmmakers and photographers can easily install Blackout temporarily into a window using the technique found in Rosco's Guide To Installing Filters In Windows.

Creating Negative Fill



Rosco E276 Blackout can be used to remove ambient or bounced light that is entering the scene. This technique is called negative fill and it’s great for creating more contrast in a shot. Because Blackout has a frosted matte finish, it absorbs light wonderfully, which makes it a fantastic solution for creating negative fill. Simply skin the Blackout onto a 2×3, 4×4, or even a 5×5 gel frame and set it up wherever you’d normally use a flag. Will also points out that you can even waterfall the Blackout right off the roll using a grip arm and a C-Stand.


Duvetyne and polystyrene panels are common filmmaking materials for creating negative fill. Because Blackout is waterproof, however, it can be used in wet conditions where duvetyne would get heavy and soggy. Blackout can also easily be taped temporarily onto walls or floors to remove ambient bounce. In addition, Will also points out that, because Blackout comes in convenient rolls, it transports easier than large sheets of poly.

Custom Cucoloris Effects


Using shadows is a very useful technique to create textures and patterns in light. Filmmakers can use a cucoloris (aka cookie) to cast shadows into their scenes. Throughout the years, cookies have been made out of plywood, tree branches, and old window mullions – to name a few. Now, many of those designs can simply be made by cutting patterns out of E276 Blackout using a matte knife or scissors.

Between blacking out windows, creating negative fill, and adding shadows into the shot – Blackout is a versatile material to have on a gel cart. 

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