Support Your Local Theatre

Posted by Esthere Strom and David Silvernail on Jul 7th 2020

Support Your Local Theatre

The Covid-19 shutdown has affected all of us, particularly those in the arts. Arts organizations depend on ticket sales and fundraising in the community in order to be able to put on shows.

The performing arts serve an important role in our society. They entertain us, help us to escape reality for a night, or teach us an important lesson, and to help us heal when we are hurting.

The reality is that theatres aren’t ready to fill seats with patrons. There are still too many questions about safety for both the audience and the cast and crew.

What many theatres are doing is offering streaming performances, either live or pre-recorded, or selling advance tickets to next year's season, offering online classes and summer camps.

Theatres like

It is more important than ever that we work to support these vital parts of our community. We’ve all seen how much we have depended on the arts during our quarantine period. Whether it was music, movies, tv, youtube, twitch, or streaming live performances, the Arts are a necessary part of our society, helping us express ourselves, educate each other, and comfort our communities in times of need. So, please think about your local theatre group, your local performing arts venue, it’s made up of dozens or hundreds of people who are hurting right now. It takes a village to put on a show, and all those on stage and behind the stage are hurting, and eventually, someday, we’ll be able to sit down, watch the house dim, and see the lights come up on stage again.

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