New options in stage lighting, audio, and rigging systems are transforming the performance space. These systems are far more than the sum of their parts, you need everything to work together, especially if you are looking to upgrade an existing system. Good news: we've got the expertise to help , because of our years in the business, our experience installing these systems, and in many cases, repairing them. Moreover, we're authorized, trained and certified in the products we sell. Need help? You've come to the right place.


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Stage and Studio Lighting System

Lighting technology is rapidly evolving. The advent of LEDs has transformed the market by radically changing how we power and control stage lighting. If you're looking to upgrade your lighting, we're here to help guide you through the many offerings available. These include discussing integrating LEDs into existing systems, engineering new systems from the ground up, walking you through the latest functionality, and guiding you through questions of price and performance.

Dimming and Power Control Systems

LED Lighting Systems

Stage & Architectural Lighting Controls

Theatrical Lighting Systems

Church Lighting Systems

Film and Video Studio Lighting Systems

Live Music & Concert Lighting Systems

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Houselight Systems

Advents in lighting -- especially LEDs -- have brought important new features to house lighting. These include low power and low heat options, as well as very long life LED products that eliminate onerous light bulb swap out and maintenance. But not all LED house lights are created equally; it's best to know before you buy, as dimming and other features can vary widely. If you're looking for guidance in understanding options and pricing, we're here to help.

LED House Light Retrofit Systems

Pendant and Recessed LED fixtures

House Light Control Systems

Color Changing and White Light Fixtures

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Architectural Lighting Systems

Modern Architectural and Architainment lighting systems now incorporate many of the same technologies we use in Stage and Studio Lighting, and that's an area we know well. Window displays, exteriors of buildings have all undergone a mini revolution of options brought about by LEDs. Controls also provide more options, often integrated into other building control systems to provide more functionality than ever. Want to understand the latest and greatest options? We're here to help guide you.

Interior and Exterior LED and Moving Light Fixtures

Green Lighting and Controls for LEED Compliant Applications

Stand Alone and Integrated Control Systems

Building Wide Lighting and Control Systems

Sports Complex Lighting and Control Systems

Programming of Lighting and Control Systems

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Power & Data Distribution

New LED & Intelligent Lighting systems continue to transform the market by radically changing how power and control systems are used and deployed. If you're looking to upgrade, we're here to help guide you through the vast array of offerings now available. These include new power and relay management options, IP and DMX based control networks, wireless data distribution, and more. Need to make sense of it all? We're here to help. 

ArtNet Control Systems

sACN (Steaming Architecture for Control Network) Control Systems


DMX Based Control Systems

Relay Panels & Portable Relay Systems

Portable Power Systems

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Live Audio Systems

The Live Audio market has been transformed by the arrival of digital technology. These include digital mixing and advances in software based control. Greater loud speaker control and efficiency afforded by digitally based spacial analysis . Moreover, more compact, lighter and portable options now make going on the road easier than ever.  Need navigating all the latest options? We're here to help.


Line Array Speaker Systems

Digital Mixing Consoles

Dante Network Audio Controls


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Intercom & Cueing Systems

Clear communication is the key to any successful performance, and new digital intercom system offer greater clarity, flexibility and dependability than ever. If you're looking to upgrade or build a new system, we're here to help guide you through the many options, including wireless intercom products, digital matrix offerings and new platforms that allow integration with existing analog systems. 


Wireless Intercom Systems​

IP Based Intercom Systems

Cue Light Systems

Digital Matrix Systems

Portable Intercom Systems


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Rigging Systems

Modern motorized rigging systems offer greater safety and accessibility at affordable prices. New systems allow you to deploy rigging in place that were once inaccessible. Digital control make even novice users to operate rigging safely. Need help understanding and choosing between systems? We're here to help.


Motorized Lineset Rigging Systems

Chain Motor Rigging Systems

Counterweight Rigging Systems

Dead Hung Rigging Systems

Portable and Permanent Rigging Systems


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Venue Safety Systems

Ever-changing safety regulations and awareness drive the need to assess and implement greater equipment & training. New offerings include fall protection systems, especially at the stage orchestra pit edge. We also offer on-site safety inspections and training (see our offerings here). 


Fall Protection Systems



Orchestra Pit Fall Protection System



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Curtain & Track Systems

New fabrics have transformed curtain and tracking systems via their increased flame retardant and ever greater durability. Need help sorting through the options, including guiding you to the best fit for your venue and budget.


Inherently Flame Retardant Curtains

Manual Curtain Track Systems

Automatic Track Systems

Custom Curtain Fitting and Manufacture

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