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We’re Production Advantage. What’s the advantage? In a word, it’s our people – and their years of experience in theatre production. That’s important, because we’re living in an age when products, systems and individual parts are getting less and less expensive. But the expertise to make well informed decisions about what to purchase & how to integrate them intelligently into your existing infrastructure is becoming more and more valuable.

We’re a bunch of theatre seasoned Vermonters who are not only online; we’re on top of the industry, we’re all over your order, and we’re behind what we sell. Which is another way of saying we’ve got your back. Because we’re the people behind the people behind the show. And know that the show must go on! Learn more about us.

We Help Production Professionals

Theatrical and Live Event Production is quickly becoming more and more complex. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities. We’re here to help. Whether you want to learn more about the equipment you already own, or you need some assistance designing a new system for your space, we would love to work with you. When you need that one extra piece to make your show happen, we now offer a limited selection of equipment rentals. When that one crucial piece of gear breaks right before your show, we offer both shop and field repair service.


Our staff has decades of real world experience backed up with certifications in a wide range of fields. All of that knowledge and experience is at your disposal, just give us a call.


A theatrical technician is a skilled professional in multiple areas of expertise. Rarely are we a one trick pony. We have developed many skill sets over time with on-the-job training and/or formal education. As a professional, it's part of our job to keep up with the latest techniques and practices. These are some of the tools that will help.








Designers in theatre and related fields employ a number of specialized skills. Skills in model making, computer aided drawing, construction techniques and light plots drawing and color rendering to name a few. Lighting design is probably the most rapid growth area with all the LED, moving lights and sophisticated consoles. But in scenic design there are new construction techniques and materials to deal with. These areas are changing in the techniques and tools to accomplish the dream you can devise. Some of the current tools you can use are…


Computer Programs

Design Programs

Drafting Tools


Digital SwatchBooks

Production Managers

Great production managers are themselves skilled technicians with the added ability to see how a production needs to flow and build schedules that move the production along. All along the way they adjust and make changes to keep that schedule. They must have knowledge and experience in all the technical aspects of production. To do so means they often are recruited from the ranks of the technicians on the production. Which means they are used to the materials of the technician to arrive at a schedule. However, the great production manager also need the ability to handle people. People skills is a much desirable added factor. Therefore, the list of many of the technicians and designer’s resources must add people management skills.

Stage Craft Books

Production Manager Form Books



Stage Managers

A master communicator is the definition of a good stage manager. The ability to keep firm control of the show while being under stress. Along with the people skills to keep the actors and technicians focused on the proper running of the show are traits at the top of any good stage manager’s list of skills. There are books on stage management and books of the forms and paperwork needed to keep track of the cues for running the production.

Stage Manager Books

Stage Manager Forms


Backstage/Green Room

When you are not ankle deep in a production meeting, pre-production construction or show run, you need some creature comforts. A time to relax. How and when these off-hours come are somewhat unique to our business. Things like a custom road case to keep your drawings, spare parts, color media and personal items. Maybe a chair and portable desk to lay out plans. A hammock might be a good idea! How about some power snacks? Whatever keep you energized for the job ahead.

Road Case


Reading Material




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