Upgrade the House

Upgrade your facility to low maintenance, energy efficient, extremely long life LED Houselight Fixtures!

LED houselight fixtures are also extremely energy efficient, using up to 80% less electricity than conventional incandescent fixtures. This significantly reduces operating costs over the life of the fixture. Lower wattage and increased efficiency also translates into lower HVAC cooling costs in warmer months.

Is changing the light bulbs in your auditorium’s houselights a time-consuming, costly, and risky job? Conventional auditorium houselights are often hard to reach, involving ladders, scaffolding, or crawling through the ceiling. Modern LED houselights solve the accessibility problem, with lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, and little to no maintenance.

LED houselight fixtures are available in a variety of styles to retrofit into existing auditoriums, including pendant, surface-mount, recessed, and track-mounted.

Most architectural and commercial LED lighting fixtures on the market today are not designed for a full range of dimming, as required in performance spaces. Production Advantage carries the leading manufacturers of purpose-designed LED houselight fixtures designed specifically for auditoriums, theatres, and other performance venues.

Contact the lighting experts at Production Advantage, and stop changing house lamps!

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