VLS Rental Inventory for Sale

 Product  Qty  Price Each  Notes
GrandMA Full1 $1,995 Needs new back-up battery, otherwise functional
VL 3000 Wash6 $375 Includes rails & clamps; includes case when bought in pairs
Martin Thrill Mini Profile10 $350
Martin Thrill Vertical Fogger2 $225
Martin Thrill Compact Par Mini6 $90
Show DMX Transmitter4 $100 Original version from ~2008
City Theatrical WDS Package1 $300 Includes transmitter, receiver, (3) dimmer, (4) batteries, (2) chargers
HES DL-12 $700 Includes case
ETC S4 LekoMany $335 Includes Lamp, stage pin connector, sc, cc & 1 lens, 19-36. Other lenses additional cost
ETC S4 ParMany $30 Includes HPL 575w lamp, stage pin connector and (1) lens
ETC S4 Parnel6 $30 Includes HPL 575w lamp, stage pin connector
Par 64, Silver15 $20 Includes connector
Par 56, Silver15 $15 Includes connector & (1) lamp
Lightbar (90")12 $20 Does not include fixtures
Fresnel, 6"3 $65  
5' Stage Pin CableMany $8  


What condition are these items in?

They were formerly part of VLS's rental inventory and have visible signs of use, nothing is pristine. However, we have checked over each item and have verified they are all in working order.  

We will occasionally have some additional quantities of the same gear that doesn’t work, that if you buy the entire lot of that product that does work, we’ll just throw in the non-working stuff for parts.

Is there a warranty?

You have 48 hours from receipt.  

What shipping options are available?

  • The items will be shipped via Fedex or UPS Ground.
  • Larger Orders/Items will be shipped freight.
  • Shipping will be calculated for each order.
  • Local Pickup can be arranged for our Cleveland or Cincinnati location, make take up to 2 weeks to move inventory to the desired location.  

When will my order ship?

The gear is stored across multiple warehouses and may take some time to collect. We will make every effort to get your gear to you as quickly as possible.

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