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I'm missing a product from my order, what do I do?

Sometimes orders are shipped in multiple boxes and often they arrive from different warehouses. If you are missing a package, please double-check the tracking information, and if you are missing an item, please contact us immediately.

What do I do if I receive a faulty item in my order?

Please contact us immediately. Many items are shipped directly from the manufacturer and we will need to contact them to arrange for replacement. Please document everything thoroughly and please contact us immediately. If you've had the product in use, and then it stops working, that is generally considered a Warranty Repair issue and you would contact the manufacturer to arrange for repair under warranty.

Why is the website product code different to my packing slip?

Sometimes manufacturers have multiple ways to refer to a single item and that item has both a SKU and a Manufacturer Part Number. Often times we have renamed an item on the web to make it easier to look up, and refer to the item by it's proper name in the packing slip. If you are unsure if it's the same item or not, please contact us!


How can I purchase a gift card?

We occasionally offer electronic gift cards that can be emailed to the recipient. We do not offer a hard plastic "gift card" that can be given as a physical gift right now.  

Why have I received an email saying the item I've ordered is out of stock?

Sadly, sometimes these things happen. Usually it means the manufacturer is out of stock as well and we are waiting for them to make more.  

How can I search to find products on the website?

At the top of the page, the search bar is in the dead center of the header. Start typing and it will work to quickly figure out what you are looking for. Or you can look by category and narrow down the selection from the options on the left of the page. If you still can't find it, give us a call. Honestly, we might not have it on the site, yet. You would not believe how many products we sell and we are constantly adding more.  

Can you tell me more about your Price Promise policy?

We promise to offer a fair price. Nothing more, nothing less. We strive to provide great service and competitive prices. Ask our regulars why they keep shopping with us.  


What is your return policy?

We strive to make returns Hassle Free. Unless we screwed up and sent you the wrong item, you are still going to cover return shipping costs. We have a more detailed policy here:  

How do I make a gift exchange?

If you received an item from us as a gift, please make sure that the item has not been opened yet, and you have the name of the gift-giver. Then contact us.  

What do you do with used shoes that are returned?

Since we don't sell shoes, we'd ask that you not return them to us in the first place. But since it happens every year or two, if they are in great shape, we'll donate them to the local Goodwill. If they are not in great shape, we burn them and then light a scented candle and try to forget the smell. Please, please do not send us your old shoes. We beg you.  

When can I expect my refund?

Depends on how you paid for the order to begin with. Once the item is returned and the return has been accepted, we will refund the relevant portion of the order in the same manner the payment was made. Paid with a credit/debit card, expect a refund to appear within 3-10 business days (much of that time difference is dependent on your banking institution's own policies).  

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