Production Advantage's sales staff are completely familiar with how the insistutional purchasing process tends to work, and we can get you what you need, or help you figure out what would be most suitable to solve your problems, always with an eye to respecting that process and it's rigorous protocols.  We get that sometimes you have to spend it or lose it, and that other times your budget may be very restrictive even if your creative impulses are freewheeling and flighty. 

Teaching theater lighting?  Production Advantage is the exclusive distributor for Yeager Labs, which lets you model your theater at 1:6 scale with state of the art lighting techniology. Use it as a lab to teach core concepts, or with a particular production to explre solutions to many problems that would be costly and time-consuming as a life-size experiment.  Yeager Lab modules include the ability to work on sound, projections, and rigging as well.

Let us help you with maintenance and inspection issues to keep your facility safe and in conformance with energy efficiency guidelines. 

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