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Gantom G8 Distribution Box - Indoor Field Install

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Wiring both a power cable and a control signal cable separately is twice the work and twice the mess. We have listened to feedback from top professionals in the lighting world and have created a new cabling system which combines low voltage power and DMX signal on a single cable. This new modular cable system is suitable for outdoor installation and features locking connectors for easy and secure installation. Pro Cable connectors are sealed water-tight and securely lock together for either temporary or permanent installations in both indoor and outdoor environments. Fixtures with Pro Cable connectors are compatible with Pro Cable G8 Distribution Boxes (home run layout) and T Connectors (daisy chain layout).

The G8 Distribution Box provides power and an electrically isolated DMX signal to up to 8 light fixtures at the same time from a central location. The G8 Distribution Box is intended for both semi-permanent and permanent applications. 12 VDC power can be provided to the G8 Distribution Box from one of our PowerPak 5000 (PP31 or PP33) power supplies. A DMX control signal can be provided from any standard DMX512 compatible controller. Inside the G8 Distribution Box, both power and signal are combined and distributed to each of the 8 branch ports. The user does not need to worry about DMX signal reflection issues because each branch port has an active and independent DMX repeater sending an electrically isolated signal to each output. Each fixture can be located as far as 100 meters away from the G8 Distribution Box using our Pro Cable system of cables. The system can easily be expanded with additional distribution boxes having their DMX signal inputs and outputs daisy chained together.

The GP001 model features screw terminal connections for power input and standard XLR-5 connections for DMX input and output. Each light fixture is also connected using screw terminal connections. The GP002 model features screw terminal connections for all inputs and outputs including the DMX signal. This version is suitable for outdoor installations since all inputs and outputs have cable glands that prevent water from entering the distribution box*.

Both GP001 and GP002 allow the installer to cut a Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable to the appropriate length in the field which then connects to the distribution box using screw terminal connectors. The chassis has a larger design to allow for easy hand access to the screw terminal adapters within. The GP003 model is fully connectorized and does not require any manual wiring of screw terminals. The DMX input and output use standard XLR5 connectors, power input uses a standard 2.1mm DC barrel jack, and each of the branch outputs use the Pro Cable Branch connector, making it excellent for installations where the system may need to be reconfigured. Its smaller form factor also makes it great for applications where space is limited.


  • Distributes 12 VDC power and DMX signal to up to 8 fixtures
  • Actively repeated DMX signal to each branch output
  • Fixture can be up to 100 meters (328 feet) away from distribution box
  • Reliable and low maintenance connections
  • Available in both field install and plug-and-play options
  • Cables available in various lengths to adapt to any fixture layout
  • Easy installation saves time and money

Distribution Boxes

 Product  Part Number
 G8 Distribution Box – Indoor Field Install  GP001
 G8 Distribution Box – Outdoor Field Install   GP002
 G8 Distribution Box – Indoor Plug and Play   GP003

Trunk Cable (Daisy Chain Only)

 Product  Part Number
 2m Trunk Bare Wire Adapter Cable  CB137
 T Connector with Integrated Repeater   CB124
 Trunk Terminator (male)  CB105
 2m Trunk Extension Cable  CB120
 5m Trunk Extension Cable  CB121
 15m Trunk Extension Cable  CB122

Branch Extension Cable (Home Run or Daisy Chain Compatible)

 Product  Part Number
 1m Branch Extension Cable   CB139
 2m Branch Extension Cable   CB130
 5m Branch Extension Cable   CB131

Bare Wire Branch Cable (Home Run Only)

 Product  Part Number
 2m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable  CB138
 5m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable  CB132
 15m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable   CB133
 30m Branch Bare Wire Adapter Cable   CB134

Cable Adapters

 Product  Part Number
 Go Cable Fixture to Pro Cable Adapter   CB106
 Pro Cable Programming Adapter  CB107

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